The Fertility Restoration Consortium

Developing new therapeutic solutions for treating infertility combining clinical and basic research

The Fertility Restoration Consortium is a collaboration between researchers within the field of reproduction aiming to cryopreserve testis and ovarian tissue in order to preserve and restore gonad function in adulthood. This is meant for prepubertal patients as well as adult patients facing a risk of infertility by congenital abnormalities, acquired diseases or gonadotoxic treatment damaging the gonad function. Our mission is to promote advances in human germline stem cell understanding and stem cell therapies for treating infertility for both prepubertal and adult patients. The consortium includes well-established leading experts from basic and clinical science within reproduction; paediatrics, andrology, urology, and stem cell biology.

Our strategy

To compliment this mission we are currently exploring four levels of investigations

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  • Cryopreservation of human tissue samples for long-term storage
  • Characterization of human germline stem cells and its niche
  • In-vitro propagation and differentiation of human germline stem cells
  • Human gamete development after transplantation and clinical efficacy
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